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financial planning

Financial Planning is about planning for and managing the financial impact of events that occur at every stage of life.


With us your journey involves:

  1. An initial meeting to define your goals expectations and identify whether we are a good fit for each other. 

  2. A thorough assessment of your financial situation by taking a look at your assets, liabilities, insurance coverage and investment or tax strategies.

  3. Preparing a custom financial plan, complete with recommended strategies, products and services.

  4. Putting the plan into action by implementing the recommendations outlined.

  5. Reviewing the plan regularly to ensure the strategies and recommendations are in line with your circumstances.

Our team will use our experience and expertise to chart a course for your financial future. Each plan takes into account your:

  • income, budget and available funds

  • tolerance to risk and fluctuating asset values

  • tax position

  • when (and if) you need additional funds

After putting the plan into action, we review your circumstances regularly so we can adjust, refine and build on what’s been implemented.

We provide regular ongoing advice and support for each of our clients to ensure we help you: 

  • Pay down debts

  • Save for goals, like education, holidays, or your retirement

  • Purchase new investment assets

  • Reduce any tax you may be unnecessarily paying

  • Implement a suitable estate planning strategy.

We also help take care of any personal insurance needs that you may have to ensure you are protected against the unexpected. We offer:

  • Life insurance designed to pay out your dependants a lump sum if you pass away.

  • Total and permanent disability insurance: pays a lump sum and gives you cover and protection against total or permanent disability caused by an accident, illness, or injury.

  • Critical illness insurance: provides you with a lump sum benefit if you have been diagnosed with a critical illness, such as heart disease, cancer, or stroke.

  • Income protection insurance: designed to pay or provide you with a steady stream of income every month in case you sustained injury and have to stop working because of an accident.

Financial planning is a journey and your personal financial plan is just the beginning. Let’s work together to achieve the best possible financial outcomes for you and your family.

If we can assist you with any questions you may have regarding Financial Planning, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. There is always time in our diary to help our clients.

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