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Our workshops

Take Charge of Your Own Financial Game Plan - A Masterclass That Ticks All The Right Boxes

01 Nov 2019

Our much anticipated Masterclass is here! Book now to discover:


It’s your future (how to take charge)

  • It’s all about clarity – what to do next

  • Leverage creates wealth 

  • Invest wisely - you need to manage risk


It’s not about the interest rate (here’s why)

  • How to invest and pay off the home loan at the same time

  • Debt can be good but why does it have a bad name

  • How to move from bad debt to good debt

  • What you need to know to get the right loan

It’s your right to minimize taxes (stop paying too much)

  • Why reducing your taxes is important

  • The hidden benefits of using a tax accountant

  • What can educators do to increase their tax benefits 

  • Top five tax deductions that educators can claim

The team at Future Wealth Centre collaborates with you to take charge of your own financial game plan.

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